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ITZ THE NEW YEAR!!! ^_^ lif haz been good!! 
im back in the dayting scene :D you know who u are,,, >_^ uhhh yeahz apart from schoolz ive been tyring my best to make art and put it on toyhouse!! itz a pretty cool website :D uh it remindz me i have this websiter,,, uh so hi!
btw i got my skate3 emulator weorking :D
still trying to learn to make gamez,, new medz wi,ll help with that!! but uh i dont see myself using source much :( ill miss it !! ill probably open it ranmdoly at  timez :D anyway uh yeah gamez are planned, more picturz havbe been made and i want to animate soon!!! ^_^
2014, i mean 2024 will be the best year for me!!
2 months and 10 days, wowza. jesus i keep forgetting about this thanks to school. i should probably upload more stuff and things but like im busy all the time now, (or just to tired to do anything) yeah. thats really it. ive got projects i want to work on but im lazy. i need to switch from source to something good like unreal or unity, but at the current moment unity done a stinky :/ ANYFUCKINGWAY!
im bored tired and my skate 3 emulator wont save and i cant do that tutorial again without losing my mind.
Im on meds now, ive got scoliosis or what ever. (where your spine is all bendy). Life has been alright tho. schools fine, ive been told ive been negative recently tho. which makes sense ive been stressed. :( but hey ive been listening to BLEED OUT and its reallll goood. I need to work on some projects soon i just am too tired after school to get to work :/
anyways, stay safe. sorry for the short update.
Its almost time for school :(
I took a break for working on

big project. Also i didn't mean
to make that text big. This website maker is just glitchy. Anywho I "got back to work" (I.e I worked on fleshing out some ideas.) I need to work and i should, but there is no deadline. Im just scared ill stop working on it all together. I guess ill just have to accept the burn out and work during school.
I think i have about 3/2 weeks until school again, on the brightside my online friends come down to my state soon! Well, until next time i remember this site is a thing in 4 months and update it.
Stay safe!!

(im going to try and update this more. Its fun!)
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